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    Washington (reporter He Jiang Jin Qicheng) recently, the city received reports from the business sector, suxi a clothing factory marked "Hong Kong • Pierre Cardin dress limited (producer)" cotton shirt with the word alleged copyright infringement.

    business law enforcement personnel to the Enterprise Survey Hou was informed that, the Enterprise holds Hong Kong registered of Pierre Cardin clothing limited of trademark authorized license, but enterprise in production process in the, unauthorized modified has get authorized of trademark, will authorized trademark in the and world well-known brand "Pierre Cardin" trademark similar of part highlight using, and in packaging box of significantly location printed "Hong Kong • Pierre Cardin clothing limited (producer)" words, Consumers mistook the "Pierre Cardin" brand products. The enterprise has the "Pierre Cardin" trade mark infringement, law enforcement officers spot on the shirt of the alleged infringement seizure treatment.

    Jiang confessed, according to business leaders, during his production of the shirts, staff members of the business sector two and demand produced by industrial and commercial authorities for the record of his shirt and trademark, but Chiang thinks that he is holding a trademark use authorization, ignore the reminding of the business sector.

    North commerce a law enforcement officials said, who currently has all kinds of garment factories more than 1100 companies within the jurisdiction, including quite a few clothing manufacturers engage in trademark licensing production. Because some business owners lack awareness about the laws and regulations in this regard, use of a trademark in the course of trademark use nonstandard situations occur frequently.

    the law enforcement officials remind the manufacturers, at the time of licensing the trademark, the best trademark filing to the local industrial and commercial authorities and consult the trademark use of the specification, so as not to inadvertently constitute infringement.