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Trademark strategy, China National Administration for industry and Commerce issued the annual development report (2011)

    in 2008, the State Council issued since the national intellectual property strategy guidelines, the State administration for industry and Commerce released to the public for four consecutive years in the annual development report of China brand strategy, showing trademark strategy implementation results, sum up experience, analyzing trends provides an important platform. In April 2012, the China trademark strategy annual report (2011) official release. The report fully describes the 2011 national industrial and commercial system of trademark strategy implementation and main achievements of other trademarks and events, to a summary analysis of the various types of trademark data, and for correct decision making and provide an important reference work and guide. Secretary of party leadership group of the State administration for industry and commerce, Zhou Bohua, the Secretary to report the inscription: "in efforts to comprehensively promote the trademark strategy, actively striving for economic and social scientific achievements in the development of high quality and efficient service to meet the party's 18 victories held."

    2011 SAIC comprehensively promoting the trademark strategy implementation, the trademark work a strong hand in the development of local economies in transition, trademark strategy has been implemented by the Department for the Government, formed a Government, Enterprise, business major, Department main push, community to participate actively in the work. Through innovative mechanisms and optimizing processes, strengthen guidance, improve regulation, trademark registration, use, protection and management levels improved significantly, society brand strategic awareness increased significantly to achieve the goals of our country from the country to the trademark power has laid a solid foundation.

    as China implementation trademark strategy of important reference literature and integrated annual, China trademark strategy annual development report (2011) of released increased has trademark strategy, and trademark legal, and trademark knowledge of publicity efforts, conducive to promoted building daily regulatory and special law enforcement phase combined, administrative law enforcement and criminal judicial phase convergence, registered, and using, and protection and management phase unified, law, and specification, and efficient of protection trademark intellectual property long-term mechanism, Society to create create trademarks, pay attention to the culture of trademarks, protection of trademarks, to fully display the trademark work, strengthen guidance to the local brand, help to further improve the enterprise's ability to implement the strategy of brand, strengthen economic competitiveness, contribute more to the economic and scientific development for the service.