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Cumulative application for trademark registration in China surpassed do

    according to the State administration for industry and commerce statistics as of March 29, 2012, China's cumulative trademark registration in one fell swoop breakthroughs do mark, reached 10,000,346, cumulative trademark registration 6,892,999, ranking first in the world.

    in recent years, applications for trademark registration in China continue to maintain good momentum of rapid growth, year applications for trademark registration have millions for two consecutive years, 2011 at 1.4168 million, an increase of 32%, double than in 2008, again at record highs for 10 consecutive years ranked first in the world. 2012 years ago 3 months registration of trademark applications grew by 7.7%, to 288,900.

    trademark applications, and rapid growth, administration for industry and commerce based on reality, dig potential, duocuo simultaneously, positive response. Is trademark registration in lobby window positions further service to the people of a good, and constantly to strengthen consciousness of service, improve service efficiency, satisfaction to the applicant for the first standard, implemented the optimization process easy-do the people and a series of public service initiatives, putting people first and governing for the people's requirements into practical action. ER is extending to broaden intangible services window, innovative services, to further improve the China trademark website "Internet", "Internet bulletin" and trademark agency "apply online" services for domestic and foreign applicants advice and handling business provides more convenient channel of network. Third is to adjust the full trademark examination Department, innovative trademark review mechanisms, improve the quality and efficiency of trademark examination, registration review cycle of the 36 months from the beginning of 2008, down to less than 10 months now, up to international standards.

    China cumulative trademark registered application volume breakthrough do, is China trademark history Shang of a important milestone, powerful to confirmed has central, and State consolidation and expanded should international financial crisis impact results, and promote economic smooth more fast development made has significantly effectiveness; full reflect out business system firmly grasp science development this theme and speed up change economic development way this article mainline, full in-depth advance trademark strategy implementation, and Strengthen trademark protection has made significant achievements shows implementing trademarks strategy and develop independent brands, promoting economic development has become the consensus of the local party committees at all levels of Government and business, effective trademark registration and protection system was further boosted the confidence of trademark registration, trademark registration initiative continues to grow.

    2012, business General will continues to caught and with good China trademark career development of important strategy opportunities period, to service create new national construction for target, to achieved trademark work science development for theme, to improve trademark registered, and management effectiveness for mainline, further perfect trademark legal system, further sound trademark registered management work mechanism, further strengthening trademark service system construction, upgrade trademark administration effectiveness, Comprehensively promoting the trademark strategy implementation, promoting our country's trademark power with the trademark power, successfully held meeting of the party's 18 major with honors!